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The ultimate platform where gamers gather to share and celebrate their most remarkable in-game moments through stunning photos. Whether you're a seasoned virtual photographer or just starting to capture your gaming adventures, Picashot offers a seamless and user-friendly experience to transform your screenshots into captivating visual stories.

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ShowcaseFeb 22, 2024

The Art of Storytelling in Virtual Photography

The art of storytelling is timeless, and it holds great importance in the realm of virtual photography. As virtual photographers, we have the opportunity to explore narratives and create visually captivating photos that engage viewers.

Oreoluwa EuniceOreoluwa Eunice
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Tailored Excellence for Virtual Photographers

What I like about Picashot is that it's solely focused on Virtual Photography, that we kinda have our very own little bubble. And with that in mind we, as VPs, don't have to worry about losing picture quality when uploading our photos. Also that our photos are automatically sorted by games and we on top can organize our work by individual albums is awesome. On top of that, I LOVE the chronological Timeline. There is no funny algorithm to deal with.

@@Rosapexa's profile picture
VP Artist

A Refreshing Perspective on Engagement with Picashot

I love the fact that you don't see the number of followers or likes! It's really very peaceful not to think about these two things all the time 💙

@@VrPhotoGamess's profile picture
VP Artist

A Platform of True Showcase and Community Passion

I love Picashot because it’s the best way to truly “showcase” my work. If I were to introduce someone to virtual photography, I’d start with Picashot, not Twitter. The team behind the app is selfless and shows true passion for VP & the community behind it ❤️

@@sirevanztheduke's profile picture
Sir Evanz VP
VP Artist

Uncompromised Quality

The Picashot app is amazing for storing high quality screenshots without compression. Not only that, but you can also make albums for your shots which makes it great for viewing shots for a specific game or category and that's why I love using Picashot

@@AngryWolf950's profile picture
VP Artist

A Blend of Quality and Organized Content

What I like most about the app is its quality of photos and its content organization, this combination gives me the feeling that I have my own art gallery

@@RenanVP's profile picture
VP Artist

Favorite VP Sharing Platform

Picashot is my favorite app to share VP. Besides the obvious reasons, it's amazing that feedback you give is heard and implemented.

@@Gambobbl's profile picture
VP Artist

Ease and Aesthetics on the App

I appreciate the work that the creators of the app put into it. It's easy to use and I love the layout itself

@@ScottOka1's profile picture
Scott Oka
VP Artist

Navigating Games and Themes in Virtual Photography

I love having a space where I can share and see high quality posts from people in the VP community. I also love the ability to sort through games and themes to discover more and more.

@@amichvp's profile picture
VP Artist

Frequently asked questions

How many photos can I upload on Picashot?

There's currently no limit to the number of photos you can upload.

Can I post anything unrelated to Virtual Photography?

This site is an exclusive platform for Virtual Photography contents. Any other form of contents are not allowed and may be removed.

Why are my photos keep flagged as sensitive content

In order to create a safe space for everyone, photos that contain suggestive or mild contents may be automatically flagged as sensitive by our systems. In case one of yours gets wrongfully flagged, you can reach out to us